Starbrite Traveler: A Travel Resource for Parents of Children with Special Needs is a comprehensive guide that touches on every aspect of traveling for children with disabilites. It helps caregivers prepare for the unknown while providing them with the comfort and support to relax, smile and have a great vaction together as a family.

Victor Calise, Commissioner of the New York City Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities

Starbrite Traveler:

A Travel Resource for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Jesemine Jones, Ida Keiper and Consultant Emily Jones
Illustrator Bree Rubin

Price: $15.00


Starbrite Traveler is a groundbreaking illustrated guide that gives families a well-organized, confidence building, easy to read, travel resource. This guide holds the reader's hand every step of the way, from dreaming about travel to arriving at their destination. Follow the 5 D's of travel, Dream, Determine, Dry Run, Depart, and Destinations to plan an amazing trip for your family.


☆ Plan the best vacation for everyone in your family

☆ Identify special provisions and accessibility for your child with special needs

☆ Teach and reinforce vacation safety with our illustrated activities

☆ Address challenging behaviors by applying evidenced based strategies

☆ Use checklists, questionnaires, worksheets, and timelines to plan your trip

Starbrite Traveler is a must read reference for parents, caregivers, family members, friends, and educators of children with special needs.

A portion of the proceeds of our books are donated to children's charities


What an excellent resource for people looking to plan vacations that all members of their family will enjoy. The author provides a wealth of information on so many forms of travel but manages to keep it concise and user-friendly. Just what we all want when faced with the daunting task of selecting the right vacation destination for our loved ones. They also include thoughtful strategies to address specific issues that may arise when travelling with a child with special needs.

Andrea Morris, M.Ed., Education Consultant - The Watson Institute, Pittsburgh, PA

This book is a must have for families requiring special travel accommodations for their children. The checklists and tips provided throughout the book are extremely helpful. It is well organized, informative and provides all that is necessary for planning a successful trip”.

John Andl, Ed.D. Principal - New Monmouth Elementary School

From an unimaginable task to remarkable adventure....Starbrite Traveler has made traveling and entertainment for families with special needs a stress-free experience.

Brenda Calderone, President Brick Township Special Education PTA

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction
  1. Chapter 1
  2. Dream: Imagine Your Vacation
  1. Travel Accommodations
  2.       Cruises
  3.           All-Inclusive Resorts
  4.           Large Hotels
  5.           Small Venues
  6.           Vacation Rentals
  7.           Camping and Campsites
  8.           Skiing and Ski Resorts
  1. Attractions
  2.       Aquariums
  3.           Beaches
  4.           Boundless Playgrounds™
  5.           Museums
  6.           Theme/amusement parks
  7.           Zoos
  8.           Events - sports/concerts/shows
  1. Chapter 2
  2. Determine: Special Provisions Required For Travel
  1.           Special Needs Pre-Trip Questionnaire
  2.           Ambulatory Needs
  3.           Medical Needs
  4.           Visual Needs
  5.           Needs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  6.           Special Dietary Needs
  7.           Travel Tips for All Disabilities
  8.           Questions and Answers
  1. Chapter 3
  2. Dry Run: Pre-Travel Rehearsal
  3.     Address travel concerns, change behavior and
  4.     teach new skills by using evidenced based strategies
  5.     for children with a variety of special needs:
  6.     developmental disabilities, sensory processing
  7.     disorder, and physical disabilities
  1. Starbrite Kids Three Steps to Prepare for Travel
  2.           Step One - Discuss the Trip with Your Child
  3.           Step Two - Identify Travel Concerns
  4.           Step Three - Use Strategies to Address Travel Concerns
  1. Getting Ready for Vacation
  2.           Vacation anticipation
  3.           Active involvement in vacation preparation
  1. Transportation
  2.           Going through airport security
  3.           Flying on an airplane
  1. Vacation Expectations
  2.           Riding on an elevator
  3.           Sleeping in a different bed
  4.           Transitioning from one activity to another
  5.           Overstimulation at attractions
  6.           Waiting
  7.           Eating at restaurants and etiquette
  8.           Following morning/evening routine
  1. Interacting with Others
  2.           Conversing with different people
  3.           Meeting unfamiliar relatives
  4.           Sharing with peers on vacation
  1. Safety
  2.           Identify safety rules
  3.           Steps to teach safety
  4.           Scenarios and activities to reinforce safety
  5.           Safety precautions: wandering
  1. Questions and Answers
  1. Chapter 4
  2. Departure: Travel Essentials
  1. Planning Timeline
  2. Travel Packing Checklist
  1. Chapter 5
  2. Destination: Arrival
  1. Conclusion
  2. Appendices
  3. Appendix 1 - Starbrite Traveler Card
  4. Appendix 2 - Heat Safety
  5. Appendix 3 - Resources
  6. Appendix 4 - What Does Research Say?
  7. Appendix 5 - Travel Budget Worksheet
  8. Appendix 6 - Permission to Travel Letter
  9. Appendix 7 - Money Saving Tips
  1. Glossary
  2. References/Bibliography
  3. About the Authors

About the Authors

Ida Keiper and Jesemine Jones are co-founders of the Starbrite Kids Program and Starry Night Travel, LLC, a travel agency that specializes in planning travel for families with a child with special needs. They have 50 years of combined experience educating children with a broad spectrum of disabilities. Their dream of helping children with special needs began when they were in college studying to become special education teachers. Together, they have hosted workshops and participated in special needs conferences, published articles in magazines, as well as a series of articles online for Kidsville News! Their close friendship has continued over the last 30 years.

Ida Keiper

Ms. Keiper is dually certified as Teacher of the Handicapped and Elementary School Education. She earned a B.A. from Georgian Court University. Ms. Keiper, a highly qualified teacher educated children with disabilities for thirty years, wrote district curriculum for special education, coordinator of special education department in New Jersey public schools. Her compassion and professionalism earned her "Teacher of the Year." Over the years Ms. Keiper has fostered close relationships with her students and parents. Ms. Keiper lives in New Jersey with her husband and two sons.

Jesemine Jones

Ms. Jones earned a Masters of Social Work from Rutgers University as well as a B.A. in Special Education from Georgian Court University. She is currently a social worker in the New Jersey public school system. A former special education teacher, mental health therapist, lead counselor of a therapeutic foster care program, and team leader for an alternative high school for classified students, Ms. Jones has extensive experience working with children with special needs as well as their families. Ms. Jones lives in New Jersey with her husband and daughters.

Emily Jones

Emily A. Jones, Ph. D, BCBA-D, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Queens College. Dr. Jones teaches courses in applied behavior analysis and developmental disabilities. She also provides training and technical assistance to families, school districts, and other service providers to support children with developmental disabilities in inclusive settings. Dr. Jones's research involves the development and demonstration of interventions to address early emerging core deficits in young children with developmental disabilities such as autism and Down syndrome.

Design Team


Bree Rubin earned her MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons The New School for Design. She is an artist, illustrator, and designer living and working in New York City.

Cover Design

Chris Church, graduate of the University of Delaware with a BFA in visual communications is currently working in New York City.

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